Because of the breadth of activity of the different charities there is a need for many different skills. PLENTI project guests are invited to stay for a month or more to volunteer their input, at least on a part-time basis, to meet those needs.

Many of our guests are likely to bring experience of many different careers and could perhaps be interested in areas such as strategy, finance, management or teaching. Skills in the medical and health care, and caring fields are, of course, most welcome. There will also be opportunities to work with the tribal people directly, for example in the training centre or in English conversation classes.

Below is a list of some of the skills that we have identified that might be particularly relevant; but our Accord friends will be glad to welcome guests who might bring all sorts of other things to the party.

Volunteering schemes require significant investment and management in linking skills and needs in a meaningful way. Guests will be given the opportunity in advance of their visit to learn something about the charities. The PLENTI Project has representatives in each of the organisations who is responsible for the volunteer programme within them. PLENTI House staff give assistance in organizing the logistics. There is significant extra costs in providing the volunteer element of the stay to ensure that it is worthwhile and not just tokenistic, and this is included in the guest house cost, as also are three meals a day and local travel (and nevertheless favourable in comparison with other guest houses!) Volunteers are required to obtain Employment visas (for honorary work with NGOs).

An example of a project completed in early 2017, by Angela Harding, is described in this report.

Ashwini Disability Centre Report 2017


Skills sought in volunteer guests

We seek skills in the areas outlined below. In each case we seek skills in setting up or improving programmes or systems as well as in training staff in these skills. The list is not exhaustive.



     Financial management

     Preparation of reports and financial statements

     Finance for the individual and the family


     Community based financial management


Management and Personnel

     Operations and management systems

     Retailing skills

     Hospitality skills – hotel, restaurant

     Recruitment and training


Marketing & Sales

     Online strategies

     New sales leads

     Research of competition


Legal and tax

     Tax benefits for Indian charitable companies

     Structures of different types of charitable company



    Computer skills, such as Microsoft, internet search, email, social media

    Websites – both content and design



    Basic electronics

    Computer/laptop/mobile hardware

    Arduino/Raspberry Pi


Engineers and other specialists

    Expertise in the utilization of electricity/solar power

    Gardeners/landscape specialists

    Warehousing & logistics

    Expertise in alternate energy technologies: micro hydro, solar, bio gas


Arts, crafts, design

    Housing planning and design

    Arts and crafts

    Making or tinkering

    Recording tribal music


Fund raising

    Writing a proposal

    Creating the case for support

    How to ask for money

    Explore carbon trading for raising funds

    Crowd funding campaigns

    Events such as sponsored cycle rides


Setting up businesses

    How to set up a business; writing a business plan

    Retail skills, groceries, area centre shops


Skills development and training

    Enterprise skill development

    Soft skills for business


English language

    English conversation



    Knowledge of nature & nature interpretation

    Development of exciting nature/culture trails, vegetable garden, spice garden, medicinal garden, coffee/pepper



    Innovative use of waste materials

    Solar expertise



    Occupational and speech therapists, special education teacher

    Experience of working with any disability

    Doctors in particular gastroenterologist, orthopaedics, physical medicine, GP, anaesthesia

    Biomedical engineers

    Clinical research specialist

    Nursing supervisor/nurses/nursing teachers




    Any experienced carers, to work with those with disability in the community, or anyone with a caring heart!



    Special needs specialists

    Qualified teachers


Museum and cultural skills


    Educators from any discipline

If you would like to come to PLENTI House as a volunteer for a month, from mid-November this year to mid-April 2019, please get in touch!  Our email address is: plentiproject@gmail.com.