The PLENTI Project



We are inviting expressions of interest in this PLENTI Project (which derives from Purpose, Learning, Engagement, Nature and Travel in India, all of which are key words for the project!).We are looking for people who may be retired or heading towards retirement, with a little more time on their hands, who might like to spend at least a month in India in the winter months, partly just enjoying the place, but also having a rewarding time, bringing some of their skills and experiences to a family of charities and the people they serve. These are the community of 25,000 ‘adivasis’ from four tribes, who have forever lived in the forests of the beautiful Nilgiri Hills in South India.

View from the mountains at Gudalur.

View from the mountains at Gudalur.

The Adivasi people in the Nilgiri Hills

The Nilgiri Hills are part of the long stretch of one of India's oldest mountain ranges, and one of the world's greatest biodiversity hotspots - the Western Ghats, The PLENTI project will be located in Gudalur in Tamil Nadu where it borders Kerala.

Some 8 per cent of the population of India are Adivasis, indigenous aboriginal people, also known as tribal people or (because they are identified in a schedule of the constitution of India) as the scheduled tribes. The tribal people of Gudalur live in their traditional villages, within a forty mile radius of Gudalur, many some distance from any main road.

The Adivasis have a rich culture.Each tribe is different, but in all cases there is a closeness to nature and a remarkable community spirit.However there are many social issues surrounding these communities: health, education, property rights, employment, household income, housing. There is a challenge on the one hand to provide opportunities in the main stream of society for young members of the community and on the other to assist each community in its desire to remain in its village and to continue its traditions.

The ACCORD group of charities

Working with the Adivasis in the Gudalur area, the group of charities led by three inspirational couples who came to work here some thirty years ago, cover a range of different charitable activities and include:

· A hospital specially built to serve the tribal people.

  •  A primary school providing a high standard of education including about the Adivasi tradition.

  • A residential school providing a safety net for older children who cannot participate in the educational system (because, for example, they may not speak Tamil).

  • A charity called ACCORD, which is the original charity set up thirty years ago out of which sprang the hospital and school, which works with the communities in the fields of land rights and social welfare.It has a team of approximately 60 tribal people whom it has trained to work in their communities on health, welfare and other issues.

  • ACCORD works with the communities on programmes to help sustain the tribal culture.

  • An ecotourist guesthouse called Ecoscape, set deep in the hills on a 178 acre tea/coffee estate which Accord helped the tribal people buy.It offers the opportunity to guests to escape into the forest and enjoy the natural environment.It employs tribal people and throws off profits to be used for charitable projects in the community.

  • The most recent enterprise is a training centre which aims to provide training and support both to 16 and 17 year olds who cannot continue their education and to others who have finished secondary or even tertiary education but need support in developing life skills and livelihoods.

Our relationship over several years

The PLENTI Project, in partnership with the founders of ACCORD, Stan and Mari Thekaekara, is led by a British couple of India-lovers, Christopher and Phillida Purvis. They have been coming to Gudalur for the last few years and have been inspired by the quality of the people working in the charitable organizations and by the complex ongoing needs of the Adivasi community. Enjoying this connection, and relationships with all the dynamic people, tribal and non-tribal, involved with ACCORD, whilst learning so much about challenges for the Adivasi and their way of life, about the forests, the mountains, wildlife, India and development, Christopher and Phillida have determined to have fun ‘engaging’, on an annual basis, and in devising meaningful options for others similarly to join them on the journey.

Christopher Purvis and Ajith Andagere, with Ankur Dhawan, reflected, in an outdoor bathroom of a house designed by Andagere Architects.

Christopher Purvis and Ajith Andagere, with Ankur Dhawan, reflected, in an outdoor bathroom of a house designed by Andagere Architects.

Guest House

In 2016 the charities acquired an 8 acre plot of land 3 miles from the town. This is being developed into a new campus for the Vidyodaya School and its connected Foundation Course and a residence for Ashwini's medical and nursing students. It is here also that the attractive PLENTI guest house is being built by wonderful Bangalore architect, Ajith Andagere, and his team.

Using traditional materials, the guest house is set at the top of the plot, looking over tea plantations and fine trees towards the Ooty hills. The design is comfortable, without being flashy, with six good sized en suite double bedrooms, with their own private verandahs, spacious common areas accommodating one large dining table for all the guests, outdoor spaces for activities such as yoga or Ayurvedic treatment and a main verandah making use of the spectacular views.

During the four winter months, December to March, like-minded PLENTI Project volunteers stay for a minimum of one month to enjoy the beauty of the place while developing a connection with the people and the social issues of the communities.

Regular tourists will be welcomed during the rest of the year, particularly in the warmer months of April to July when many Indian tourists especially from Bangalore (which is about 6 hours’ drive away) come to the Nilgiri Hills for the comparative coolness. In addition workshops, conferences and specialist tours, relating to the charities will be organised, and accommodated.

Finance and Management

The total cost of the purchase of land, the building and fitting out of the guest house and a reserve to cover any possible deficit in the early years is being financed by loans, donations and upfront ‘timeshare’ commitments.

The guesthouse is owned by the ACCORD charity. It will be managed by a related charity Blue Mountain Common Initiative Foundation. The surplus from the guest house will be directed towards charitable projects in the Adivasi community. This is expected to be in the region of £10,000 annually. Employment will also benefit the community, as tribal people will be employed in the guest house.

Both the management of the building project and the management of the guest house once it is open will be under the direction of Ankur Dhawan, founder and manager of the Ecoscape eco-tourism business, which is also part of the Blue Mountain Common Initiative. Ankur has a wealth of international business experience as a management consultant and has been the driving force behind the realisation of the PLENTI project and is its anchor.


It is planned that the guest house will open to its first guests in December 2017. Foundational building works on the guest house have started at the site and will continue at the end of the monsoon. The following shows the current situation with the steel columns having been prepared and being placed in the excavated shafts:

Steel frame foundations for columns
           The Guest House's right and left wings

           The Guest House's right and left wings



The PLENTI Project social enterprise model has the following benefits:

  • The stay will provide a comfortable and rewarding experience for guests

  • The expertise of the guests will be valuable to the charities

  • Employment will be created for tribal people

  • The financial surplus will be used for projects with the tribal community

  • The tribal community will be left with the valuable asset of land and property




PLENTI  is a project of local charity Action for Community Organisation and Development (ACCORD) and is run alongside another social enterprise Ecoscape

Sister organisations include:The Association for Health and Welfare in the Nilgiris (ASHWINI) and Viswa Bharati Vidyodaya Trust

All three charities work closely with the local Adivasi community organisation - Adivasi Munnetra Sangam Gudalur (AMS)